On June 6th, 2019, China officially entered the 5G commercial year.

5G is the era of the Internet of Everything, It also contains the trillion blue ocean market. Opportunities and challenges coexist, However, the issuance of 5G commercial licenses is undoubtedly more determined by our determination to open this door.

Major companies have strategically mapped each link

  • Production processes

The low latency and wide connection characteristics of 5G communication make the industrial data collection terminal get rid of the traditional wired deployment mode, relying on the highly reliable 5G network for data transmission and control, reducing the enterprise cost and greatly improving the production efficiency.

  • Construction link


Komatsu develops and uses “5G” communication technology, which enables remote control of construction machinery in the future. In the future construction site, the driver can watch the construction situation in real time through the 5G mobile communication in the remote console, which can realize the remote control engineering machinery construction and form an unmanned and intelligent construction group. Make the work more flexible.


Volvo has launched Sweden’s first industrial 5G network that will be used for remotely controlled wheel loader testing. 5G technology minimizes construction risks and unplanned downtime, and puts engineering machinery closer to zero emissions, zero accidents and zero unplanned downtime.


Epiroc optimizes LTE (Long Term Evolution of Universal Mobile Telecommunications Technology) and wireless connectivity of 5G technology. Compared with other wireless connections, LTE and 5G connections not only cover a wider range, have higher reliability, are more secure, and are suitable for Underground and open pit mines. Improve work efficiency and output, and reduce accident rate.


Doosan’s 5G remote control technology will enable users to remotely control the excavator in real time. Scientifically calculate the mining schedule and production volume during mining, and realize 24-hour real-time monitoring of construction conditions and environmental conditions to ensure safety and rational deployment of machinery and improve Productivity.

  • Maintenance service


SDLG will build a remote-controlled excavator project, and hope to build a remote diagnosis system based on audio communication with remote control to realize remote diagnosis and tutorial of equipment. And improve the skills of service personnel, improve troubleshooting efficiency, and alleviate the uneven distribution of service resources. The project relies on 5G network technology, and 5G’s powerful bandwidth and delay guarantee the transmission quality and speed of video signals and control signals.

  • Logistics link


SANY began to explore equipment tracking and equipment operation status collection as early as 2G, and has established a global collaborative industrial Internet. In addition, we are now exploring the deep integration of 5G technology and industry, including 5G, edge computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies in industrial Internet, vehicle networking and enterprise internationalization, digital transformation; 5G AR, 5G real-time industrial control, 5G cloud The AGV, 5G remote control and driver-less, 5G high-precision positioning and unmanned security in the 5G park will achieve the model landing.

The real power of 5G is to improve industrial production efficiency, interconnect people, machinery and equipment, industrial products and industrial services, and achieve intelligent control and product quality through machine learning. In the field of construction machinery, some enterprises have strategic layout, more companies will join in, 5G will create a new format.