For Rubber Track Machine operators, rubber track decoupling is a common problem. For Rubber Track Machine, occasional de-chaining is unavoidable, because the working environment is rather harsh, and rubber track into the soil or stone will lead to de-chaining.

If the Rubber Track Machine is often unchained, it is necessary to look for the reason, because the Rubber Track Machine’s delinking can easily lead to accidents.

  • What are the reasons for the Rubber Track MachineOff the chain?

In fact, there are many reasons for the Rubber Track Machine to disengage. In addition to the dirt on the rubber track or stones, it will cause the Rubber Track Machine to disengage, and the failure of Travel Gear, Carrier rollers, and track protector will cause the chain to disengage. In addition, improper operation can also cause the Rubber Track Machine to disengage.

1、Track Adjust failures lead to de-chaining. At this point, you should check if track adjust forgets to butter and see if track adjust leaks.

2、The rubber track is seriously decoupled due to wear. If used for a long time, the rubber track certainly wears, and the wear of the rubber bars, rollers and other components on the rubber track can also cause the rubber track to disengage.

3、Track protector Abrasion caused by wear. There are track protectors on almost all Rubber Track Machine rubber tracks, and the track protector plays a very important role in preventing the removal of the chain, so it is also important to check the track protector for wear.

4、Decoupling due to wear of the motor gear ring. If the wear is serious, we need to replace it, which is also an important reason for the Rubber Track Machine to disengage.

5、Derailed due to carrier rollers damage. Under normal circumstances, the oil spill of the Carriersetter oil seal will cause the Carrier rollers to wear out, which will cause the rubber track to disengage.

6、etachment caused by Idler damage. When you look at Idler, you want to see if the screws on the Idler are missing and broken. Idler’s slot has not been deformed.

B) How to avoid rubber track chain derailment?

1.When walking on the construction site, try to place the walking motor on the back of the walk to reduce the pressure on the Carrier rollers.

2.When the machine is running continuously for no more than 2 hours, the walking time at the construction site should be minimized. If necessary, it is advisable to walk for a short time after midway.

3. When walking to avoid the raised hard objects, so as not to cause the stress set on the Track shoes assy.

4. Confirm the tightness of the rubber track, adjust the rubber track in the soft place such as soil, and walk on the stone to adjust the looseness.  Too loose will cause the rubber track to derail easily. Too tight will cause the chain to wear too quickly.

5.Often check whether there are foreign objects such as rocks involved in the rubber track, and some need to be cleaned up.

6.Working on a muddy site requires frequent idling to remove the mud from the rubber track.

7.Periodically check the Protector and Idler soldered under the Protector.

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