When you are planing getting a new mini excavator or mini digger, maybe you consider choose steel tracks or rubber tracks.

How these advantages apply to specific situations during construction projects to help make the decision easier?

How was the rubber track of traction and steel track of traction?

Compared to the steel track group, the rubber track has a better traction advantage. The rubber track has high intrinsic friction and blends with the uneven surface to increase the overall surface area. The rubber track has an advantage on a relatively smooth, dry surface.

The rubber track can run on concrete and asphalt without wear or damage, but the steel track group can’t do it because the Steel track assembly is heavier and harder. The rubber track excavator can access the job site pavement that is connected to the completed landscape or existing environment.

The steel track group has a traction advantage over the rubber track in harsh terrain and environments. For example, the steel track group can be stably held on a muddy surface, and the rubber track will only rotate in place. The rigid steel can push a vehicle over extremely uneven surfaces where a rubber track would slip while conforming to it.

How was the Durability between rubber track  and steel track?

The steel track group is even more durable. The sturdy, hard material makes the steel track group physically resistant to the environment and less likely to be damaged by chemicals.

Rubber track can cause corrosion due to the gradual dissolution of many chemicals and materials in the working environment. Even grease can damage the rubber track. The rubber track also requires more maintenance in checking and regulating the voltage and needs to be cleaned. Unlike the rubber track, the steel track group has a slack in its system that allows rock and other debris to escape naturally.

How was the Comfort between rubber track  and steel track?

The rubber track bends and conforms to the terrain so the driver is more comfortable. The steel track group can cause vibration, which can make the operator feel tired. The noise of the steel track group is also large, which makes the environment very noisy.


Finally Choose suggestion….

There is a lot of overlap between the rubber track and the steel track group. They perform the same work with the same efficiency and quality. You can choose according to the specific conditions of your construction project.

If you work in jagged rocks, the advantages of the steel track group are unquestionable. Steel trackers are more expensive, and rubber tracks are more commonly used and widely used. Suitable for all small excavators and construction equipment

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