Excavator growth, road machinery, high-altitude platform product demand continues to grow, the supporting parts industry continues to exert efforts, mining machinery tends to pick up, intelligent, digital products surge, environmentally safe and reliable products are favored


Heavy machinery China is growing stronger

2018 is a year of strong development in the construction machinery industry. A total of nine Chinese companies ranked in the top 50 with a turnover of US$29.566 billion.


Chinese machinery accelerates its pace overseas

China’s construction machinery has enhanced its global operational capabilities

Emerging markets are developing rapidly, such as Russia, India, South America, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and other places have greater demand for construction machinery

In 2018, the number of excavator exports in China reached 19,100 units, an increase of 75% over 2017. While Chinese construction machinery companies strengthen their domestic market layout, they continue to expand overseas markets.

Leading enterprises in China’s construction machinery are becoming more and more mature in terms of brand, quality and sales.

In 2019, Chinese machinery will grow by 25% over 2018.

2018, XTPtrack of dozer undercarriage, crane undercarriage sales also increased by 28.76% compared to 2017. Exports increased by 19.28%, mainly to Cambodia, Russia, Belgium, Germany and South Africa.

2019, XTPtrack focus on Crane crawly undercarriage, special track rollers and track shoes. Hope can increase up 30%

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