Komatsu dozer D85 Carrier rollers 155-30-00234 undercarriage parts made in china

XTPtrack manufacturer Koamtsu Dozer undercarriage D85E-21 Top Carrier rollers, Parts No.:  140-30-00240

D85e-21 Top Carrier rollers also fit below parts Number:

BERCO KM120 Top Carrier rollers

ITM C40851A0M00 Top Carrier rollers

KOMATSU 140-30-00240 Top Carrier rollers

145-30-00110 Top Carrier rollers

155-30-00172 Top Carrier rollers

155-30-00230 Top Carrier rollers

155-30-00231 Top Carrier rollers

155-30-00232  Top Carrier rollers

155-30-00233    Top Carrier rollers

155-30-00234   Top Carrier rollers

155-30-00235 Top Carrier rollers

VPI VKM120V Top Carrier rollers

This carrier rollers oem made in china also fit below model:

D75S 3 7001-15000 undercarriage D75S 5 15001-UP undercarriage D80A 18 25001-UP undercarriage D80E 18 25001-UP undercarriage
D80F 18 25001-UP undercarriage D80P 18 2001-UP undercarriage D83E 1 1001-UP undercarriage D83P 1 1001-UP undercarriage
D85A 18 25001-35000 undercarriage D85A 21 35001-UP undercarriage D85A 21B 35001-UP undercarriage D85E 18 25001-35000 undercarriage
D85E 21 35001-UP undercarriage D85P 18 2001-3000 undercarriage D85P 21 3001-UP undercarriage D95S 1 1063-2000 undercarriage
D95S 2 2001-UP undercarriage

XTPtrack also manufacturer replacement Kotmasu Dozer undercarriage parts D85 undercarriage repair list below:

  • D85A-18 Bottom rollers SF single flange 155-30-00121
  • D85A-18  track bottom rollers DF double Flange  155-30-00113
  • D85A-18 segment 
  • D85A-18  front idlers 154-30-00292,
  • D85A-18 Single track shoes 154-32-11110
  • D85A-18  track lubricated chains  154-32-00023
  • D85A-18  track group
  • D85 track idler recoil springs D85 Tension Recoil Spring Assy
FUNCTIONS undercarriage parts made in china
Material 40Cr or 40MnB.
Colors Black or Yellow
Processing Forging, Casting, Machining, Heat treatment
Certification ISO9001:2008  SGS
MOQ 1 set
Delivery Time Within 5days after payments.
Warranty  One Year
Payment  Western Union  T/T(T/T 50% deposit in advance, the balance 7 days before the shipment.)
Shipping Port XIAMEN
OEM/ODM Service Available
KOMATSU D20   D21P-6   D31   D31P-18 D37EX-21 D41P-6 D41E-6 D41P-8  D40 D41-3 D41-5 D50 D51EX-22  D51PX-22 D61PX-15 D61EX-12 D65EX-12 D65PX-16/17 D65E-8 D68ESS-12 D85A-18  D85EX-15  D155A-1 D155A-2 D155AX  D275AX-5 D355-3 D355-5 D375A-2 D375A-5  D475
Caterpillar  D3C  931B 933B 6Y2047  D4D   D4H 7G0841 D4H-HD   D5B    D5    D5K  D5M D5N S01045L0M00    D5B 953B 7P2636 D5C 8E7298 D5H D5H-HD S01055L0M00 D6C D6D CATEROILLAR963 6P9102 1171618 D6H 7G7212 D6R 8E9041 D6M 6I8078 D7F D7G 997L 3P1039 D7R  D8N  D8R 9W0074 6Y3928 D8H D8K 2P9510 D9G D9H 2P9448 D9N D9R 7T1246 D10N/R 6T9538  943 7P6504 953C 6Y3242 955K/L 6K1430 977K/L 5S0058
JOHN DEERE JD750C ID1452 JD850C ID1462 JD700H ID2162

There are so many different makes and models of tracked construction equipment out there that we couldn’t list all the undercarriage parts we carry.  We want to make sure you get the right part quickly and get back to work so contact us and we’ll get you a quote and get you back to work in no time!

Surface Hardness:HRC45-58 58HRC
Hardness Depth: 4-10mm 10MM

XTPtrack Parts manufacturer supply the undercarriage for HitachiKomatsuCaterpillarKatoKobelcoSumitomoHyundai, Yuchai, VolvoCaseJCBDaewooYanmarKubotaYuchai,XCMG  IHI, Mitsubishi, takeuchi, Dresser, SanyLiebherrBOB – CAT, Morooka. We export to Russia, Finland, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, Ghana, Fiji, Tanzania, Brazil, etc,.