PC1250 Carrier rollers in stock 21N-30-00160 OEM Komatsu

XTPtrack manufacturer Komatsu PC1250 carrier rollers OEM Made in China. and all of PC1250 undercarriage are in stock.

PC1250 Carrier rollers 21N-30-00130  Carrier Roller Ass’y Compatible with the following equipment:

PC1100-6 Carrier rollers

PC1100LC-6  Carrier rollers

PC1100SP- 6  Carrier rollers

PC1250 -7   Carrier rollers

PC1250SP -7  Carrier rollers

PC1250-7 Carrier rollers Original Parts Number:

Komatsu 21N-30-00161 Carrier rollers

BERCO KM2419 Carrier rollers

BERCO KM2506 Carrier rollers

KOMATSU 21N-30-00130 Carrier rollers

XTPtrack also manufacturer OEM komatsu PC1250 Undercarriage spare parts replacement:

  1. PC1250 Track group 48Link track shoes 700mm 21N-32-02001
  2. PC1250 Track chain in stock 48Links P/N BERCO KM2346/48   21N-32-00101
  3. PC1250 Track shoes  in stock Width 700MM  P/N  BERCO KM2117/700  21N-32-31110
  4. PC1250 Track Rollers  in stock P/N BERCO KM2503 KOMATSU 21N-30-00120  KOMATSU 21N-30-00121 VPI VKM2503V
  5. PC1250 Track bolts  in stock  P/N 21N-32-31211 and nuts P/N 198-32-31220 Hardware – 21N3231211 21N3231211 TRACK BOLT 33MM X 102MM VPI V21N-32-31210
  6. PC1250 Track nuts 198-32-31220 Hardware 1983231220 1 NUT TRACK 33MM DOME DESIGN
  7. PC1250 Front Idlers in stock  P/N BERCO KM2420 21N-27-31191   VKM2420V    21N-30-00110    
  8. PC1250 Sprocket in stock  P/N BERCO KM2248 KM2508  21N-30-00110  VKM2508V 21N-27-31191
  9. PC1250 Track Spring of Idlers  in stock  21N-30-34151
  10. PC1250SP-8 Boom aftermarket China
  11. PC1250SP-8 arm aftermarket China
  12. PC1250SP-8 bucket aftermarket China
  13. PC1250 Rock Bucket 6.70CBM Made in China
  14. 01011-83070    PC1250   track rollers bolts
  15. 01643-33080   PC1250   track rollers   Washer
  16. 01010-82065    PC1250     Carrier Roller Ass’y  Bolt
  17. 01643-32060    PC1250    Carrier Roller Ass’y  Washer
  18.  01010-82475    PC1250   Teeth Sproket  Bolt       
  19.  01643-32460    PC1250     Teeth Sproket   Washer    
  20. PC1250 boom cylinder 707-01-xz501
  21. PC1250 boom cylinder 707-01-xz511
  22. PC1250 bucket cylinders 407-01-xr720 / 407-01-xr721
  23. PC1250 arm cylinder 707-01-XMC00  arm cylinder
  24. PC1250 Guard 21N-30-32240
  25. PC1250 Bolt 01010-83070
  26. PC1250 Bolt 01010-82475
FUNCTIONS PC1250 Carrier rollers
Material 40Cr or 40MnB.
Colors Black or Yellow
Processing Forging, Casting, Machining, Heat treatment
Certification ISO9001:2008  SGS
MOQ 1 set
Delivery Time Within 5days after payments.
Warranty  One Year
Payment  Western Union  T/T(T/T 50% deposit in advance, the balance 7 days before the shipment.)
Shipping Port XIAMEN
OEM/ODM Service Available
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There are so many different makes and models of tracked construction equipment out there that we couldn’t list all the undercarriage parts we carry.  We want to make sure you get the right part quickly and get back to work so contact us and we’ll get you a quote and get you back to work in no time!

Surface Hardness:HRC45-58 58HRC
Hardness Depth: 4-10mm 10MM

XTPtrack Parts manufacturer supply the undercarriage for HitachiKomatsuCaterpillarKatoKobelcoSumitomoHyundai, Yuchai, VolvoCaseJCBDaewooYanmarKubotaYuchai,XCMG  IHI, Mitsubishi, takeuchi, Dresser, SanyLiebherrBOB – CAT, Morooka. We export to Russia, Finland, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, Ghana, Fiji, Tanzania, Brazil, etc,.