LIEBHERR excavator sprocket R914 R914B R914C R914HDSL LITRONIC sprocket wheel OEM

XTPtrack product excavator Liebherr  R914 undercarriage aftermarket parts.

  1. excavator Liebherr  R914 track shoes group 46Links 500MM
  2. excavator Liebherr  R914 track chain group 46Links  Pitch 190MM  Parts Number: BERCO FT3609/46 BERCO KM1170/46 BERCO KM64/46 BERCO SI718/46 FIAT-HITACHI 71401294 HITACHI 9092517 HITACHI 9126216 HITACHI 9135631 HITACHI 9140548 HITACHI 9176006 HITACHI 9200210 ITM E1569801M00046 ITM E4022000M00046 JCB JRA0416 KOMATSU 206-32-00010 KOMATSU 206-32-00011 KOMATSU 206-32-00012 KOMATSU 206-32-00014 KOMATSU 206-32-00015 KOMATSU 206-32-00015E LIEBHERR 5611835 LIEBHERR 5616238 VPI VKM1170/46HDV
  3. excavator Liebherr  R914 Track shoes 500MM width three bar Parts Number: BERCO HT298/500 FIAT-HITACHI 71401503 FIAT-KOBELCO/NEW HOLLAND 71401503 HITACHI 2050388 ITM Z32123A1N0500V ITM Z40603C0N0500V O-&-K-TEREX 3012790 POCLAIN-CASE POCLAIN D2442350 POCLAIN-CASE POCLAIN M2242350 POCLAIN-CASE POCLAIN P2242350M
  4. excavator Liebherr  R914 Track bolts  Parts Number:BERCO FT3029 CNH-FIAT NEW HOLLAND 76030015 DAEWOO 2120-6011 DAEWOO 9120-7004 ITM D04100B0N15 TELCO-TATA 9TD01087/3 TELCO-TATA 9TD01531/2 TELCO-TATA TD01531/2
  5. excavator Liebherr  R914 Track Nuts  Parts Number:BERCO FT982 BERCO FT982A CNH-FIAT NEW HOLLAND 4982325 CNH-FIAT NEW HOLLAND 586382 CNH-FIAT NEW HOLLAND 76030017 CNH-FIAT NEW HOLLAND 79004261 CNH-FIAT NEW HOLLAND 79039445 DAEWOO 2121-6010 DAEWOO 9121-7001 HITACHI 4247133 HITACHI 4606704 ITM D04100S0N17 JOHN DEERE T191422 KOMATSU 150-32-21331 POCLAIN-CASE POCLAIN P2434519R POCLAIN-CASE POCLAIN R2434519 POCLAIN-CASE POCLAIN ZKI2434519 SIMIT 1.50.630 TELCO-TATA 9TD01087/4 TELCO-TATA 9TD01531/3 TELCO-TATA TD01531/3 VOLVO 1182-00760 VOLVO 14526393 VOLVO SA1182-00760 VPI V74982325
  6. excavator Liebherr  R914 Track rollers R914C Bottom rollers R914 lower rollers Parts Number: ATLAS-TEREX 485141 BANTAM-KOEHRING 3018.56491 BENATI 2106061 BENATI 2106081 BENFRA 005.1906 BERCO KJ18C BERCO KL18 BERCO KL18A BERCO KL18C BERCO KL24 BERCO SI65 BERCO SI65A CASAGRANDE 95505008 CASE S515417 COSMOTER 817800103 DEMAG 049-120 DRESSER-FURUKAWA 3150459R91 DRESSER-FURUKAWA 3150616R1 DRESSER-FURUKAWA 3194636R91 DRESSER-FURUKAWA 3380409H91 DROTT S515417 EDER 60.9475 FAI 820220014 FAI 820220025 FIAT-HITACHI 45019640 HANOMAG 3079865M91 HYMAC 44606003 HYMAC 4467006 INGERSOLL RAND 57406571 INGERSOLL RAND 70800909 ITM A1405000M00 JCB 201/69100 JCB 214/69100 LALTESI 68203 LIEBHERR 5000949 LIEBHERR 5209256 LIEBHERR 5601352 LIEBHERR 5601369 MAIT 2.185.002 MAIT 2175002 MENCK 528K10119 PMI 960046 PRIESTMAN 244251 RICHIER 484309634 ROCK-EXCAVATORS 00552 ROCK-EXCAVATORS 1001.00552.00 SAMSUNG-H.I. 1081-03680 SAMSUNG-H.I. 1181-00010 SIMIT 45018337 SIMIT 45019640 SIMIT 45022303 VOLVO 14260870 VOLVO 14504091 VOLVO 14520148 VOLVO 14522943 VOLVO 43992 VPI VKL18V WESERHUTTE Y20571
  7. excavator Liebherr R914 Top rollers R914 upper rollers R914 carrier rollers Parts Number: BERCO ID815 BERCO ID861 BERCO ID861A BERCO LH1461 FIAT-HITACHI 71401347 FIAT-HITACHI 72230318 HITACHI 9062406 HITACHI 9089636 HITACHI 9134245 HITACHI 9178333 ITM C15690E0M00 JOHN DEERE AT152079 JOHN DEERE AT214385 KOBELCO YN64D01065F0 LIEBHERR 4663383 LIEBHERR 5610810 LIUGONG 51C0087 TELCO-TATA 9TD01725 TELCO-TATA TD01725 VOLVO 14260871 VPI VID861V
  8. excavator Liebherr  R914 IDLERS R914 front idlers
  9. Liebherr  R914 Tooth
  10. Liebherr  R914 bucket R914 Rock bucket
Material40Cr or 40MnB.
ColorsBlack or Yellow
ProcessingForging, Casting, Machining, Heat treatment
CertificationISO9001:2008  SGS
MOQ1 set
Delivery TimeWithin 5days after payments.
Warranty One Year
Payment Western Union  T/T(T/T 50% deposit in advance, the balance 7 days before the shipment.)
Shipping PortXIAMEN
OEM/ODM ServiceAvailable
xtp sprocket dimension china
ex150 pc100-5 sh200 e200b bd2g sk300 sprocket d20 d31-17 d31-18 d60d50 d6d d7g d85 d50 d85 d6d d50 segment
KOMATSUPC20 PC20-7 PC30 PC28 PC38 PC30-3 PC30-5  PC30-6 PC40-5 PC40-6 PC40-7  PC45 PC50 PC55UU  PC60-1 PC60-3 PC60-5-6-7  PC75 PC80 PC100-3-5  PC120-5  PC120-3 PC130 PC130-7 PC200-2-3-4 PC200-5-6 PC200-7 PC200-8 PC210-6 PC220-1-3-5  PC220-6 PC220-7 PC220-8 PC230  PC240-3 PC270-7 PC202B PC220LC-6  PC220LC-8 PC300-3  PC300-1-5-6-7  PC400-1-3-5  PC400  PC400LC-7  PC600  D21P-6 D31P-18 D37EX-21 D41P-6 D41E-6 D40 D41-3 D41-5 D50 D51EX-22 D61EX-12 D65EX-12 D65PX-16/17 D65E-8 D68ESS-12 S85A-18 D85EX-15 D155A-1 D155A-2 D155AX  D275AX-5 D355-3 D355-5 D375A-2 D375A-5
HitachiEX20UR-1  EX30 EX40  EX50 EX55   ZX55  EX55-5B  EX60-2-3   EX70(ZX70)  EX75  EX90 EX100M  EX100-1-2-3-5  EX110 EX120   EX120-1 EX120-3 EX120-5 EX120-6 EX130-1 EX150  EX160  EX200-1-2-3-5  ZX200  ZX210 EX220 ZX230   EX300-1-2-3-5   EX330    EX400  UH08  UH07-5  UH10  UH14 UH045  UH052  UH053 UH063  UH09  UH083 ZAX30 ZAX50 ZAX55 ZAX110 ZAX120 ZAX200 ZAX200-1 ZAX210 ZAX240 ZAX250 ZAX270 ZAX330 ZAX330C  ZAX350 ZAX360  ZAX450 ZAX450-3  ZAX450-6 FH220 FH330
CaterpillarE70B CAT307 CAT308 E110 E120B E140 E180 E200B E200-5 E215 E240B CAT245 E240 E300B E300 E300L E307 CAT311 CAT312 E320 E325 E330 E450 MS180 E320B  E320BL CAT320L CAT320C E325  CAT325NL E345 CAT350 E450 CAT973  D3C  931B 933B 6Y2047 D4H 7G0841 D4H-HD D5M D5N S01045L0M00 D5 D5B 953B 7P2636 D5C 8E7298 D5H D5H-HD S01055L0M00 D6C D6D 963 6P9102 1171618 D6H 7G7212 D6R 8E9041 D6M 6I8078 D7F D7G 997L 3P1039 D7R D8N D8R 9W0074 6Y3928 D8H D8K 2P9510 D9G D9H 2P9448 D9N D9R 7T1246 D10N/R 6T9538  943 7P6504 953C 6Y3242 955K/L 6K1430 977K/L 5S0058
JOHN DEEREJD750C ID1452 JD850C ID1462 JD700H ID2162
SumitomoSH60  SH65  SH100  SH120-A3  SH120  SH200 SH220-1-5  SH260  SH280  SH300-1-2-3 SH340   SH580-5  S25  S35  S120  S160  S250  S260 S265F2 S280 S280F2  S280FA LX02/03 LX08 SH75-3 SH210-5 SH250 SH290  SH350 SH430 LS200 SH580 LS280
KobelcoSK30  SK40  SK60  SK100  SK120  SK200-1-6  SK220-1-3  SK230-3-6 SK300 SK320 SK07-1-2-7   SK07N2  SK09 K903 K904B K904C  SK210 SK235 SK250 SK450
DaewooDH55  DH60  DH70  DH80 DH150  DH150W DH175  DH200  DH210  DH215-7-9  DH220-3-5-7  DH225  DH255  DH258  DH280  DH300  DH320  DH330  DH340  DH370  DH400
KatoHD250 HD250SE HD400  HD450 HD500 HD510 HD550 HD550SE HD650 HD700 HD770 HD800 HD1250  HD1430
HyundaiR55  R60-5-7-9   R80  R110  R130-1-2-7  R150 R190 R200-1-2  R210 R215 R220  R225-7  R265  R290   R305  R455
VolvoEC55B  EC60C  EC140B  EC200B  EC210B  EC240B EC290B EC360B  EC460B  EC550 EC160B EC160C EC180 EC210-7 EC380
OtherSE210  SE320  BHC914  SY30  KT380  K904C K904D KH125 SV45 YC65   YC85 mx55  B5  B6 MX45 KX161-3  TB250 Takeuchi  TL130 TL140 TL150 MM30  ME30 R914  R924

There are so many different makes and models of tracked construction equipment out there that we couldn’t list all the undercarriage parts we carry.  We want to make sure you get the right part quickly and get back to work so contact us and we’ll get you a quote and get you back to work in no time!

Surface Hardness:HRC45-58 58HRC
Hardness Depth: 4-10mm 10MM

XTPtrack Parts manufacturer supply the undercarriage for HitachiKomatsuCaterpillarKatoKobelcoSumitomoHyundai, CaseJCBDaewooYanmarKubotaYuchaiIHI, Takeuchi,  Mitsubishi, Liebherr, Bobcat . We export to Russia, Finland, USA, New Zealand, Turkey, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, Brazil, etc,.