9133828 FRONT IDLER ASS’Y CX500 idlers, CX500DR, CX500PD, CX550, CX650PTR, CX700, CX700 JPN, MX5015, SCX550 XTPtrack

XTPtrack offer Hitachi crane CX500 idlers and Hitachi CX500 undercarriage parts aftermarket Made in China.

XTPtrack also manufacturer Hitachi crane CX500 undercarriage parts replacement OEM below:

  1. Tumbler Hitachi parts CX500 CX550 MX5015 SCX550  SPROCKET CX500 TUMBLER;DRIVING 2034516
  2. Hitachi crane CX500 BOLT of TUMBLER;DRIVING J932290
  3. Hitachi crane  CX500  WASHER of TUMBLER;DRIVING A590922
  4. Hitachi crane  CX500 BOTTOM ROLLERS 9114568 CX500 track rollers CX500 lower rollers assy
  5. Hitachi crane  CX500 carrier rollers 9056707 ROLLER;UPPER  CX500 top rollers
  6. Hitachi crane  CX500 Track chain 1018370 TRACK-LINK (1018370 TRACK SHOES) 59L
  7. Hitachi crane  CX500 track pin 4359768 PIN;JOINT
  8. Hitachi crane  CX500 track pin4306985 PIN;JOINT
  9. Hitachi crane  CX500 Track rollers 9114568 LOWER ROLLER ASS’Y CX500 bottom rollers
  10. Hitachi crane  CX500 track group 9121583 TRACK-LINK ASS’Y 59L including PIN and BOLT NUTS WASHER;SPRING cx500 Track Shoe With Pin assy
Material40Cr or 40MnB.
ColorsBlack or Yellow
ProcessingForging, Casting, Machining, Heat treatment
CertificationISO9001:2008  SGS
MOQ1 set
Delivery TimeWithin 5days after payments.
Warranty One Year
Payment Western Union  T/T(T/T 50% deposit in advance, the balance 7 days before the shipment.)
Shipping PortXIAMEN
OEM/ODM ServiceAvailable
Kobelco Crane undercarriage partsBottom roller for Kobelco 7065Kobelco: 24L00N3124F2
Roller assy, up for Kobeclo CKE2500Kobelco: JJ64D00002F1
Kobelco Top Roller Kobelco 7250Kobelco:  JJ64D00002F1
Kobelco Top Roller Kobelco 7055Kobelco:   24100N3082F1
Kobelco Track Roller Kobelco 7055Kobelco:  24100N2017F3
Kobelco Track Roller Kobelco  7035Kobelco: 24100N1662F1
Kobelco Track Roller Kobelco  7250-2-1Kobelco:  JJ64D00001F1
Sumitomo Crane undercarriage partsTrack Roller forSumitomo: CPA1216
Track Roller forSumitomo: CAA1338
Carrier roller for SumitomoSumitomo: CEA0835
Carrier roller for SumitomoSumitomo: CEA0070
Sumitomo Track Roller SC650
Sumitomo Linkbelt Top Roller LS118RH-5Sumitomo:  BLA2373
Sumitomo Linkbelt Track Roller LS118RH-5Sumitomo:  BLA2336
Sumitomo Linkbelt Track Roller LS78Sumitomo: BLA0022
Sumitomo Linkbelt Track Roller LS218RH-5Sumitomo: BCB0214
Sumitomo Track Roller SC700-2Sumitomo:  CDA0390
Zoomlion Crane undercarriage partsTrack roller assembly for ZoomlionZoomlion: 1031400005
Track roller assembly for ZoomlionZoomlion: 1031400039
Support roller for ZoomlionZoomlion: 1300-010040-0000
Intermediate track carrier roller for ZoomlionZoomlion: 1031400012
Lower roller for Zoomlion (QUY200-24-3)Zoomlion: 6601017
Hitachi Crane undercarriage partsTop roller for Hitachi KH180-2Hitachi: 9028829
Hitachi Top Roller  KH180-3Hitachi:  9056707
Hitachi Track Roller KH180-3Hitachi:  9052030
Hitachi Track Roller KH180-2Hitachi:9018044
Bottom rollers for HitachiHitachi: KRA0645
Lower track roller for Hitachi Sumitomo SCX2000 / 2500 / 2800Hitachi: 9251014
KH300-2Hitachi: 9007555
Lower roller for HitachiHitachi: 4614273
Chain roller for AmericanHitachi: 1102226
Liebherr Crane undercarriage partsLiebherr LR1750Liebherr: 925875908
Lower roller for LiebherrLiebherr: 530096800
Upper roller for LiebherrLiebherr: 530096700
Upper roller for Liebherr PR734Liebherr: 10429491
Roller for LiebherrLiebherr: 5618394
Roller for LiebherrLiebherr: 10227735
Track bottom roller LiebherrLiebherr: 5209264
Roller body half cpl for Liebherr LR1400Liebherr: 925067508
Carrier roller for Liebherr R984CLiebherr: 749071714
Bottom roller for Liebherr PR734Liebherr: 10331786
Track roller for Liebherr R984CLiebherr: 10008019
Roller for Liebherr LR1300Liebherr: 790523314
XCMG Crane undercarriage partsUpper roller for XCMG QUY100XCMG: QUY100-187-6
Lower roller for XCMG QUY100XCMG: QUY100-187-3
O&K Crane undercarriage partsLower Roller / Upper Roller for O&K RH120E O&K RH170O&K: 3674031
Upper Roller for O&K RH120EO&K: 3683335
Lower Roller for O&K RH170O&K: 3650591
Upper Roller for O&K RH200 RH340O&K: 2765689
Manitowoc Grove  Crane undercarriage partsBottom roller for Manitowoc 12000Manitowoc Grove: 9999430410
Roller assy for Manitowoc 12000Manitowoc Grove: 9999400969
Tadano Faun Crane undercarriage partsRoller assy for Tadano FaunTadano Faun: 34441711000
Roller assy for Tadano FaunTadano Faun: 3442041001
Roller assy for Tadano Faun ATF25Tadano Faun: 34950771100
Roller for Tadano Faun TR200MTadano Faun: 97001002860
Terex Demag Crane undercarriage partsTrack Roller for Terex Demag CC2500Terex Demag: 17990312
Top roller for Terex DemagTerex Demag: 52800440
Top roller assembly for Terex DemagTerex Demag: 59105140
Track Roller for Terex DemagTerex Demag: 28174540
Track Roller for Terex Demag CC2500Terex Demag: 17990912
Sliding roller for Terex DemagTerex Demag: G-61288-16
Roller for Terex DemagTerex Demag: 32343840
Roller for Terex DemagTerex Demag: 2213u1004dz
Track roller assembly for Terex Demag CC2800Terex Demag: 10196012
Track roller for Terex Demag AC435Terex Demag: 48469440
Upper roller assy for Terex Demag CC2800Terex Demag: 62630640
Track roller forTerex Demag CC1800Terex Demag: 10787112
Track roller assembly for Terex Demag CC1200Terex Demag: 43920100
Track roller assembly for Terex Demag CC2800Terex Demag: 10862012
Track roller for Terex Demag CC2000Terex Demag: 18849140
Roller assembly for Terex Demag CC6800Terex Demag: 18391812
Roller for Terex DemagTerex Demag: 43433740

There are so many different makes and models of tracked construction equipment out there that we couldn’t list all the undercarriage parts we carry.  We want to make sure you get the right part quickly and get back to work so contact us and we’ll get you a quote and get you back to work in no time!

Surface Hardness:HRC45-58 58HRC
Hardness Depth: 4-10mm 10MM

XTPtrack Parts manufacturer supply the undercarriage for HitachiKomatsuCaterpillarKatoKobelcoSumitomoHyundai, Yuchai, VolvoCaseJCBDaewooYanmarKubotaYuchaiIHI, Mitsubishi, takeuchi, DresserLiebherrBOB – CAT, Morooka. We export to Russia, Finland, USA, New Zealand, Turkey, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, Ghana, Fiji, Tanzania, Brazil, etc,.