Bobcat Aftermarket Sprocket E25 SPROCKET 9HOLES

XTPtrack manufacturer repair mini excavator Bobcat Aftermarket Sprocket E25 undercarriage parts. Bobcat Aftermarket Sprocket  E25 sprocket made in China.

Bobcat Aftermarket Sprocket E25 Sprocket specifications:
  • 23 Teeth
  • 9 Holes
  • Inner Diameter: 7.50 inches
  • This Bobcat Aftermarket Sprocket E25 also have another type is 21teeth 11 holes sprocket one. When you order, Pls double check. 11holes one E25 sprocket Pls click here.

XTPtrack also offer mini Bobcat Aftermarket Sprocket E25  undercarriage parts others below:

  1. Mini excavator bobcat E25 rubber track 7153296, 7298190
  2. Mini excavator bobcat E25 bottom rollers E25 track rollers E25 lower rollers
  3. Mini excavator bobcat E25 Top rollers E25 upper rollers E25 carrier rollers
  4. Mini excavator bobcat E25 idlers  7022139
FUNCTIONSbobcat e25 sprocket 9HOLES
Material40Cr or 40MnB.
Processing Casting, Machining, Heat treatment
CertificationISO9001:2008  SGS
MOQ 6 pcs
Delivery TimeWithin 15 days after payments.
Warranty One Year
Payment Western Union  T/T(T/T 50% deposit in advance, the balance 7 days before the shipment.)
Shipping PortXIAMEN
OEM/ODM ServiceAvailable
xtp sprocket dimension china
ex150 pc100-5 sh200 e200b bd2g sk300 sprocket d20 d31-17 d31-18 d60d50 d6d d7g d85 d50 d85 d6d d50 segment
CategoryMakeOEM Part NoPrimaryApplication machine model
1Track RollerCat304-1890304-1890279C > 299C Tri Flg Track Roller
2Idler AssyCat304-1878304-1878279C > 299C Front Idler (Double Web) Front Idler
3Idler AssyCat304-1894304-1894279C > 299C Rear Idler (Double Web) Front Idler
4SprocketCat304-1916304-1916279C > 299C Sprocket
5SprocketCat304-1870304-1870259B3 CTL Sprocket
6Track RollerCNH /87480419CA925420CT >450CT Track Roller
7Idler AssyCNH /87480418CA935420CT >450CT Front Idler
8Idler AssyCNH /87480413CA928420CT >450CT Rear Idler
9SprocketCNH /87460888CA963420CT >450CT Sprocket
10Track RollerBobcat /66893716689371T190 > T320 Track Roller
11Idler FrontBobcat /66932376693237T190 > T320 Front Idler
12Idler RearBobcat /66932386693238T190 > T320 Rear Idler
13SprocketBobcat /7166679T190 Sprocket (12H New Style)
14SprocketBobcat /71651117165111T140 > T190 Sprocket
15Sprkt New StyleBobcat /71651097165109T200 > T320 Sprkt New Style
16Spkt AdptrBobcat /71854617185461T190 Sprocket Adptr
17Spkt Adptr BoltBobcat /31C122431C1224T190 Sprocket Adptr Bolt Sprocket Adptr Bolt
18Roller (6)J/ DEEREAT366460ID2802CT315, CT322, CT332 Track Roller
19Front Idler (2)J/ DEEREAT366458ID2076CT315, CT322, CT332 Front Idler
20SprocketJ/ DEERET244043T244043CT315 Sprocket
21SprocketJ/ DEERET239479ID2711CT322 Sprocket
22SprocketJ/ DEERET239480ID2641CT332 Sprocket
23SprocketJ/ DEERET254141T254141322D/333D Sprocket
24Track RollerTakeuchi /08801-3000008801-30000TL130, TL230 Roller Track Roller
25Track RollerTakeuchi /08801-3560008801-35600TL130, TL230 Rear Track Roller
26Idler AssyTakeuchi /08801-4000008801-40000TL130 Front Idler
27SprocketTakeuchi /08801-6621008801-66210TL130, TL230 Sprocket
28Track RollerTakeuchi /08811-3050008811-30500TL140, TL240 Center Roller Track Roller
29Track RollerTakeuchi /08811-3130008811-31300TL140, TL240 Rear Roller Track Roller
30Idler AssyTakeuchi /08811-4030008811-40300TL140, TL240 Idler Assy Front Idler
31SprocketTakeuchi /08811-6011008821-60010TL140 SpKT (late s/n), TL240 Sprocket
32SprocketTakeuchi /08821-60010TL140 Sprocket (early s/n) Sprocket
33SprocketTakeuchi /08811-60110TL140 SpKT (late s/n), TL240 Sprocket
34SprocketBobcat 7199006E25 sprocket
35SprocketTakeuchi /08801-65010TL126  Sprocket
36Idler6698048T870 Front Idler
37Idler6698049T870 Rear Idler
38Track Roller10T0494AY27019167X325-X430 Track Roller
39Idle10F0077AY07199074325-430 Long Arm Idler
40bottom roller10T0330AY39237937JD27-35 Bottom Roller
41top roller05612-04080TB175
42track roller05613-07100TB175
44sprocket6811939x325 x331 X328 X425ZTS X334
44idler05614-00600TB175 F/I
45idler7199074E35 idlers E37 idlers E42

There are so many different makes and models of tracked construction equipment out there that we couldn’t list all the undercarriage parts we carry.  We want to make sure you get the right part quickly and get back to work so contact us and we’ll get you a quote and get you back to work in no time!

Surface Hardness:HRC45-58 58HRC
Hardness Depth: 4-10mm 10MM

XTPtrack  manufacturer supply the undercarriage for HitachiKomatsuCaterpillarKatoKobelcoSumitomoHyundai, Shantui, VolvoCaseJCBDaewooYanmarKubotaYuchaiIHI, Mitsubishi, takeuchi, SanyLiebherrBOB – CAT, Morooka. We export to Russia, Finland, USA, New Zealand, Turkey, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, India, Ghana, Fiji, Tanzania, Vietnam, Laos, Brazil, etc,.